Player Dues


This is the entry level membership to playing with HB Rugby. It is for players new to the sport OR new to the club. To encourage new players the dues are lower than those for returning players. All players are supplied a basic team kit (socks, t-shirt, polo) once dues are paid in full.
NEW FOR 2018 SEASON— Club Shorts MUST be purchased by player through our supplier. 


This is the primary level membership for anyone returning to play with HB Rugby. It is for all players who have played with the club before. All players are supplied the basic kit (socks, t-shirt, polo) once dues are paid in full.
NEW FOR 2018 SEASON— Club Shorts can be purchased by player through our supplier. If you have them you don’t need to purchase new ones.


This is the most basic level membership to be part of HB Rugby. It is for friends, family or fans of HB Rugby that like to take part in our social events and be part of the club but have no intention on hitting the pitch. While you do not get the full team kit, you can get a club polo, T-shirt or baseball cap to wear the club colors proudly. It also allows you to take part in the post match functions along with the players. It is required that any player who has a friend, spouse or family member who takes part in the post-match functions must purchase this membership as well. Please be considerate of our other members and our generous sponsors.



We have setup a new system and need ALL PLAYERS to follow the new system to help us manage the club efficiently.

  2. Upon confirmation, the club will send each player an invoice matching their status with the club (Rookie, Senior, etc.)
  3. Player makes payment online, establishes payment plan or other arrangements. We encourage everyone to pay electronically. It helps us manage this process better.
  4. Once dues have been paid in full, a player is cleared to play and provided the basic team kit.
  5. Discounts or Codes to purchase HB Rugby Club Gear (shorts, etc.) will be sent with receipt of payment.