Home Field (Games and Practice)

The Home Field for the Huntington Beach Rugby Club is located at Harry C Fulton Middle School. All of our practices and home games take place at this field. We have a great setup with on-site storage and permanent RUGBY POSTS on our primary pitch. We're one of the few clubs that can say that in Southern California.

Our practice field is a full-size field without posts and the club provides lighting for those late night practices and with storage on-site it means cleaning up after training can happen quickly and get you home sooner.

Since we do have such a great situation with the help of the school and City of Fountain Valley officials, we need to be courteous and responsible citizens. The only REAL ISSUE is that we DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO BATHROOMS for practices so please use bathroom facilities at home (or at a gas station/store). Treat the neighborhood and the facilities with respect so we don't lose the benefits of our field situation.




Harry C Fulton Middle School

8778 El Lago Avenue

Fountain Valley, CA